Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal and Cleanup

Wright Restoration Services, is highly skilled at asbestos testing and asbestos removal, using the proper environmental science procedures to ensure that your home or business remains free of asbestos.

Did you know that…Asbestos is also called: Cancer fibers, or death dust.

Asbestos is a carcinogen that can reside in building materials, such as flooring, insulation or drywall.

Asbestos can be a dangerous problem for contractors and homeowners performing renovation of older homes and businesses. Asbestos was a commonly used material in construction for many years before scientists and doctors learned of its harmful effects on people.

During renovation of older buildings, asbestos fibers residing in materials in the home are disturbed, released into the air and breathed into the lungs, which can cause cancer or other lung diseases, like mesothelioma.

It is important to do your research and select a company that is qualified for removal of this deadly substance of asbestos. Wright Restoration can dispose of asbestos safely, quickly and effectively.

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    We are here for you and your family, to help you recover from water, sewage, or fire damage. Whether it’s an emergency or a cleanup, we are specialists in our field and can make sure you get back to normal as soon as possible. We offer quick, effective, and superior restoration and cleaning work.

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    Restoration is what we do

    Our services include emergency water damage restoration, commercial and residential mold removal, fire and smoke damage restoration, air quality testing and monitoring, odour removal, commercial and residential asbestos removal and more.

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    Restoration FAQs

    What does a restoration company do?
    Restoration companies are the first responders of the construction world. They’re there to help when significant damage happens to a home, whether the damage is fire, water, sewage backup, or a whole host of other problems. Restoration companies clean up the mess and work to preserve and protect the home from further damage.
    What is a restoration contractor?
    Restoration contractors are the agents of the company that work to help get the necessary work done on the restoration. They work with insurance companies and other stakeholders to make sure that things are done properly and are paid for.
    What’s the difference between renovation and restoration?
    Home renovation refers to modifications to a home to raise its property value and bring it up to date with technology and usability standards. Restoration is all about repair.
    What is the difference between reconstruction and restoration?
    Home reconstruction is exactly what it sounds like, functionally tearing down and rebuilding the home. Sometimes in reconstruction, the framing and foundation of the house can be used. Restoration is the process of ameliorating and repairing serious damage to a home.
    What is remediation?
    Remediation refers to the repair or removal of things like lead paint and other newly identified hazards from a home. Rather than focusing on the reduction and elimination of environmental threats, rehabilitation work is focused on the preservation of the artistic, cultural, or historical value of a building through repairs, additions, or alterations.
    What does a remediation company do?
    Remediation refers to reversing or stopping the spread of something negative. Remediation is usually referred to in the context of mold remediation. Remediation companies that exclusively do mold exist, but usually a restoration company features mold remediation as part of their business. The process of remediation usually involves removal of damaged material (drywall, insulation, concrete) and cleaning the surrounding areas that can be saved.

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