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At Wright Restorations & Contracting, we are a leading restoration company in Toronto and understand that ensuring the safety and well-being of your residential and commercial property is among your highest concerns. For 10 years, we have been in the business of helping home and business owners to repair damage of all sorts to their properties.

Fire and smoke damage, water and flooding, even mold removal – we have done it all, and helped hundreds of clients properly restore their buildings to pristine condition no matter the calamity.

We offer a full range of disaster recovery services

Our services include emergency water damage restoration, commercial and residential mold removal, fire and smoke damage restoration, air quality testing and monitoring, odour removal, commercial and residential asbestos removal and more.

No matter what the cause of damage to your property, we can fix it.

Our restoration methods are eco-friendly

If you’re looking to remove that asbestos from an older building or are simply interested in ensuring that the cleaning and restoration products used by your disaster recovery specialist are eco-friendly, have no fear; every product we use is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Our prices for disaster recovery services are the lowest in Toronto

Another important factor in disaster recovery and repair is cost. We are proud to guarantee the lowest prices in the area for all of our services. If someone else provides you a lower estimate, just let us know and we will match or beat their price.

We are experienced and certified restoration professionals

Last but not least, we are able to offer our clients a level of experience and professionalism few other firms are able to match. All of our cleaning, restoration, and recovery crews are fully trained and certified by the professional body that governs our field. When you hire Wright Restorations & Contracting, you can rest assured that you are hiring the best of the best. Wright Restorations & Contracting delivers all of these benefits to our clients, along with a simply superior level of customer service. We keep you informed and educated throughout the entire process, and hold your hand every step of the way. When you are in need of disaster, mold, fire, or water damage restoration services, call Wright Restorations & Contracting – you will be extremely happy.

Air Quality Testing in Toronto

When it comes to monitoring and maintaining the quality of the air you breathe on a daily basis, it makes sense to work with some of the most respected and experienced air quality testing professionals in Toronto.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

If your residential or commercial property has been damaged by fire or smoke damage, there is only one company you need to contact: Wright Restorations & Contracting.

Asbestos Removal in Toronto

For those who are planning of buying homes or buildings and other properties, you may need to ensure that the property is safe by having an asbestos removal company in Toronto assess the property for any asbestos contamination

Mold Removal & Inspection Services

Wright Restorations & Contracting is a top-rated Toronto mold removal and mold inspection company with over 10 years of experience helping homes and businesses across Toronto and the surrounding GTA.

Restoration Services in Toronto

When it comes to properly managing your property and preparing for or recovering from environmental damage of any sort, no other company in the area can compete with our level of service.

Water Damage Restoration

Whether the damage is caused by a pipe burst, sewage, flooding, or human error, Wright Restorations & Contracting will be here to help taking care of your problem.

Have a Mold Emergency? We Can Help You!

When you find that you need to hire an asbestos removal company, one of the first questions you might find yourself asking is just what is this stuff and what’s so bad about it. Make no mistake, asbestos is dangerous stuff and is hazardous to your health. But to answer your curiosity, here is a little bit about this mineral and what it can do to your body.
Mold can lead to real health problems when there is long-term exposure to it. While breathing in mold spores continuously over a period of time can certainly be unhealthy to anyone, it is especially detrimental to a particular group of people who will develop more severe symptoms sooner than those who are otherwise healthy.