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Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

When it comes to properly managing your property and preparing for or recovering from environmental damages of any sort, no one in the Toronto area does things better than Wright Restorations & Contracting.

With over 10 years experience in the industry, we can help you with everything from mold removal and inspection,asbestos removal, fire/smoke damage restoration to full water damage restoration projects for either residential or commercial properties; no job is too big or too small.

In addition, we have a reputation in the area as being some of the fastest and most skilled contractors in the region – we get the job done right, at a reasonable and fair price, every time. Let’s take a look at what our customers think about us…

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Georgia Bowen Old Toronto
“We had a damp basement with mold growth on the walls and joists in the ceiling. Peter and Riez, at Wright Restorations & Contracting, referred us to an independent mold inspection company, Tyler at 360 Inspection Services. After mold levels were tested and sent to an independent lab, we had guidance for what remediation was necessary in our basement and main floor. Peter and Riez scheduled our home within a few days and began the project. They respected our home and our efforts. In the basement they tore down all wall coverings, trim and removed doors until we were down to the brick walls. They used negative air, wipe down with mold control and hepa vac to treat all surfaces in the basement and main floor. Peter and Riez removed all the debris taken from the basement and always went the extra mile to do the best job. We retested the mold level which came back completely within normal limits. Thank you Peter and Riez for helping us through a challenging phase before waterproofing.”
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Viji Downtown Toronto
“As a result of the flooding from the city pipelines there was flooding in the basement of our cafe. Our cafe had to be indefinitely closed until the city authorities inspect the premises. We contacted Peter at Wright Restorations & Contracting who promptly attended at the premises and took stock of the situation. Subsequently, work was carried out by Peter and his team to dispose the damaged stock from the basement. His team was very efficient in moving all the cafe equipment and furniture to secure location which involved packing, transportation and safe storage. An overall clean up was carried out at the cafe involving wipe down, mold control and hepa vac. All the walls, ceiling and floors were cleaned, repaired and painted. The equipment and furniture which were initially removed from the premises were brought back into the cafe and installed safely. All work was carried out professionally and in the shortest possible. I would strongly recommend Wright Restorations & Contracting to any commercial enterprise involved in flood damage.”
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Niranjan, Toronto
“We had a water damage in my basement and subsequent mold formation. I called Wright Restorations & Contracting and Peter attended at my property within an hour of my calling to assess the situation. Peter and his team were very professional in assessing the damage and recommended an air quality test which was carried out by an independent lab. Upon receiving the test results, Peter came up with the most economical and cost effective solution for remediation of the basement and main floor. The work was carried out professionally and in the shortest possible time. I have great admiration for Peter and his team and would strongly recommended anyone looking to use a mold remediation expert.”
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Leima, Mississauga
“A big thank you to Wright Restorations & Contracting! All the staff that we worked with was punctual, trustworthy and did a great job on the asbestos removal in our attic. Peter personally came to the house and assisted us in making the right decision for the removal. They were quick and efficient. This was especially helpful, as we weren’t delayed in putting our house up for sale because the work was completed on a timely basis! Thanks again Relative!”
Image Testimonial
Natali, Mississauga
“Great company! My partner called and was immediately put in contact with a representative who sent someone to our house the same day. The representative assessed the mold situation and reviewed the quote and only priced out what was necessary. Friendly and attentive service is definitely a defining feature of this company.”
Image Testimonial
Tina, Toronto
“Wright Restorations & Contracting were courteous and professional. They removed dry wall where mould was growing, treated the brick, and removed the odour. They were quick and kept to the timelines they projected. They did a thorough job cleaning up afterward. Overall we are very happy with their work.”