Four Common Misconceptions About Mold

Mold is often misunderstood. Many people think that all mold is harmful and that it can easily be removed with a little bleach. In reality, not all mold is dangerous, and some types of mold are actually helpful in removing pollutants from the air. Additionally, while some mold can be removed with bleach, severe cases may require professional remediation. Here are four common misconceptions about mold:

Misconception 1: Mold And Mildew Are Different

Not really. Mildew is simply a term for mold that grows on a living plant. Otherwise, it’s just mold.

Misconception 2: There Is Only One Type Of Black Mold

Ah, the dreaded black mold! The one you’re thinking of is known as Stachybotrys chartarum. Truth is, there are thousands of types of mold and many are black in color. And yes, some do have the potential to cause health issues or damage to your home.

Misconception 3: Mold Can Be Removed With Household Bleach

Attempting to remove mold yourself is dangerous! While bleach may remove mold from the surface, it cannot remove it at the root. The spores will remain, thriving and multiplying. Additionally, mixing bleach with other chemicals can cause serious injury. DIY is something that should never be attempted with mold removal. The professionals at Green Home Solutions can help you properly remove mold!

Misconception 4: I Can’t See It, So I Don’t Have It

You may not always see it or smell it. Mold can lurk behind walls or in other non-visible areas. If you have moisture or humidity issues in your home, this could increase the chances of a mold problem. If you are uncertain or simply want peace of mind, call us to assess your indoor air quality!